Winning Gold in life’s Olympics

Winning Gold in life’s Olympics

Aren’t they great, they are so dedicated, I could never do anything like that??
Well that is probably the reaction most of us have when we see the achievements of the athletes in the Olympics or any other sport.

It is probably very true that most of us reading this have no realistic chance of competing in an Olympics. As we watch the drama of human achievement we may be inspired to take a run or go for a swim. Despite that we don’t ever consider ourselves as world champions.

We live in a culture where striving to achieve your best is pushed to the enth degree.
We also find ourselves falling into the trap of comparison as social media’s influence grows.
So how can we have a positive view of ourselves in the midst of such pressure?

The everyday Olympics

This may seem trite to say but we achieve greatness in the ordinary.

What is your daily routine? What do you have responsibility for that no one else can do?
Are you a stay at home parent struggling with managing a young family? Are you working your way through a college course while working? Have you overcome loss in your life that others may not have been able to bear?

It is a simple thing to say, but a hard principle to accept; we are our own champions, we have won gold numerous times.

Everyday when you get out of bed you are facing into the unknown no matter how predictable your day is. Everyday you take on new challanges that you have never faced before. No matter how small these achievements may seem to you, achievements they still are.

Don’t belittle your life skills. Don’t ignore your ability to juggle work and home commitments. Don’t think that because your achievements don’t make the front page they don’t matter.
No body will probably ever acknowledge the commitment and hard work you have put in. Getting to where you are at has been hard work and you do deserve congratulations for it. If no one else is there to congratulate you at least you can congratulate yourself.

And the Gold medal goes to .. ?

Ok you are never probably going to break a sporting world record or stand on a podium. So what!

Our culture celebrates success and ignores what it considers mundane. Just because no medal hangs around your neck does not mean you should believe less of yourself.

Perhaps this comes across as pop psychology at its worst. Perhaps you have already dismissed this. That is your choice.
I ask you though to consider that if you dismiss this are you not dismissing yourself?

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