The Nesting Tree

The Nesting Tree

For a couple of months every year this tree near our house, is removed of its leaves and then reveals its hidden secrets. Within its branches are several nests.

What makes it odd is not just the amount of nests in a relatively small tree but that the tree is in the middle of a small roundabout on a reasonably busy road.

Why would the birds pick such a location when there is a whole park full of trees right beside the road?

There are two aspects to this that I’ve been thinking about.

How much is there in my life, your life, that is hidden. What lies beneath the foliage of our busy lives, our regrets, our losses that we have forgotten is there? If we trimmed back the layers of life what surprises would we find? What abilities would be there that we had all but forgotten we had and what could we achieve if we tapped into them again.

Do we live by laws of our creation that hold us back? These birds picked a very strange place to build their nests by my thinking. 

So what. The nests seem well tended to so have not been abandoned. Do I, do you, constrain ourselves by what we think is right, is safe, is workable. How much have we possibly denied ourselves by limiting our life to what we think is acceptable. 

In closing, remember that from these nests comes new life that is essential for the survival of these birds. 

What new life could come from our hidden places, what new life could we enjoy if we did the unexpected.

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