"The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper."
Ancient Proverb

When is Counselling for Me?

Many people struggle with the decision, “Do I need counselling? …. What will counselling do for me?”…..
Answering those questions is a personal process. Each person weighs up their need with the practical reality of how they believe weekly counselling may effect them. Below are some considerations supporting choosing counselling.

When life is flat

We all benefit from having someone simply just listen to us. We all have times when we need to offload the stress of everyday life to someone who can simply keep it to themselves. We all need to restore our energy when life has gone flat and we feel we can’t cope. Counselling therapy can help to put us back on life’s track.


When something suddenly goes wrong

Occasionally you may have a time in your life when something has gone wrong. You feel unable to deal with the sudden change in circumstances. In such times you will need a professional counsellor to sit with you, help you to regain perspective and regain your belief and ability to work through it.


When life is continuously demanding

You may be worn down by fatigue and low mood due to ongoing demands of your life. They seem a relentless drain on your energy and motivation. Meeting with a counsellor on a regular basis could help you find a way to live amongst all that stress, and perhaps eventually to find a way through it.


When we need support

As a general rule we all need counselling support at some time. While awareness around minding our mental health has vastly improved, Irish people, especially us men, are still slow to seek support when needed. Delaying seeking support will make matters worse, and longer more complicated work will have to be done.

To put it simply if you think you need counselling therapy (and why else would you be reading this?), you probably do.

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