"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again."
Joseph Campbell

What is Counselling Therapy?

A professional therapeutic relationship

Counselling is a professional therapeutic relationship. It is a private, safe space for people to seek help from a professional trained in psychological care. A counselling therapist helps you find your best way to resolve the negative circumstances you are in.


Gaining self awareness is hard

Counselling therapy is not easy. It is hard to open up about personal problems. Looking into our own thoughts, feelings, behaviours and beliefs about life is an uncomfortable process. In many ways this is the process of counselling, as this is how we come to be self aware as to why we react as we do. Self awareness is essential but counselling work needs to move beyond that and initiate change for the client.


Change is a challenge

Implementing changes in how we react is one of life’s greatest challenges. Counselling work by encouraging ongoing self examination and providing emotional and structured support can help to bring someone to implement the changes they seek.
Counselling therapy helps you to face this challenge regardless of past or present failures. Counselling enables you to be a more complete you.

For many, becoming that more complete you is not just a matter of managing your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Most importantly, we want to know what we can hope for, build towards, and believe in for our future.

At Prevail we endeavour to walk that road with you.

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