Counselling that is not face to face

"Life is trying things to see if they work"
Ray Bradbury

There maybe circumstances in your life where personally meeting with a counsellor may not be possible. You may also choose to not do face to face counselling as a matter of preference.
Whatever your reason for not wanting in-person counselling it is now generally accepted that these approaches can work well. Often as well as traditional counselling.

New approaches to delivering counselling

In modern times we have got more use to technology. Many of us now use the internet for purposes far beyond some basic shopping and social media. It is expected that we will be comfortable and accepting of using technology in most aspects of our life.
Counselling is no different. As part of that reality Prevail provides both on line video counselling and tele-counselling.

What should you consider before deciding to use technology based counselling

Below are some pointers on what to consider when deciding whether to us technology based counselling.

  • Your own technology Are you using a phone, a tablet or laptop? Does your device have sufficient battery life if need be? Do you have good quality wifi or direct connection? Do you have headphones? Does your camera work? Is your screen a good size for you?
  • Your own confidentiality Confidentiality is central to ensure safe effective counselling. You have to take full responsibility for your part of the counselling work to be safe and confidential.
  • Where you would do the counselling Where would you go to ensure your counselling sessions are safe? Is it a comfortable space for you? Indoors or outdoors?
  • How comfortable you are with using technology for sharing your own personal issues Does the thought of sharing with someone on a screen cause you discomfort? If counselling is all about relationship how do you feel about having such a relationship using technology?
  • How you can create your own therapeutic space Usually the act of traveling to a counselling session helps separate a client from their personal issues. A counselling room is specifically set up to be non distracting and comfortable and so helps the client engage with the counselling better.
    If you choose to not avail of face to face counselling you have to create your own therapeutic space. It is hard to disengage from life’s problems when your counselling space and life space are the same. You need to find a way to physically and mentally prepare yourself for entering your own counselling room.
  • Any safety issues you may have Do you have concerns for your physical safety while doing the sessions? Do you have a plan for keeping yourself safe?

If you choose to do counselling with Prevail over the phone or on a video call be assured the same standards apply as if the work is being done in-person.
The costs are the same as for in person counselling. If you fail to turn up for a scheduled appointment you will be charged. After the first appointment, you must pay before any subsequent appointments.

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