"How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!"
Ancient Proverb

Costs can be an issue preventing some people from accessing the counselling support they need. At Prevail I shall do my best to match cost with the client’s ability to pay.

Standard Cost

The first session will cost €35.
All sessions thereafter are €65, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, (office hours). €80 otherwise.

Previous sessions are to be paid for before the next session.

The cost of video or telephone counselling is the same as in person counselling.

How to Reduce the Cost

  • Avail of the €65 rate by having your session start and finish between the office hours window.
  • Avail of  €5 off per session if you book and pay for three sessions in advance.

This bulk discount only applies to the €80 and €65 rate, lowering these rates to €75 and €60 respectively for each of these three sessions.

You can further halve this discounted rate if you agree to attend your sessions fortnightly. That means your weekly cost is €30 for office hour appointments and €37.50 for other times

There is no refund if you do not use all three sessions and you can not come back to have unused sessions after you have finished therapy.

You must pay the full bulk discount rate before the first of these sessions.

  • Many health insurance policies now include cover for private counselling therapy. If you have health insurance please check to see what cover your policy provides. I am happy to provide a receipt for this.
  • A rate of €40 per session is available during office hours, for students and those depending on social welfare. Proof of same is required. This rate is also available for referrals from charities. There is no bulk discount with this offer.
  • A rate of €50 is available for counselling students. The bulk discount offer at this rate is pre-pay for 6 sessions and you can avail of a €45 rate for each of the 6 sessions.
  • You could plan to only do the amount of sessions you can afford,  (even just one). The sessions will be focused to end within the pre-arranged limit. The bulk discount for 3 sessions can be availed of with this offer.
  • A 30 or 45 minute session is available at a pro-rata reduction of the agreed rate. That means that during office hours 30 minutes of counselling costs €30 or 45minutes of counselling costs €45. Outside of office hours 30 minutes costs €40 and 45 minutes €65. There is no bulk discount with the reduced time session.
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Counselling can be affordable

Payment Systems

Cash is always welcome and is by far the simplest way to pay.

Bank Transfer
You can pay directly into my Revolut account. There is no need to have a Revolut account to do this I will give you the details in person.

If you have a Revolut account, you can pay directly to me over the Revolut app. Revolut is a free banking app for your phone that can be set up in 15 minutes and has no transaction charges. You can set up a Revolut account at

It is best to make cashless payments as soon after the session as possible. If you have not paid before the next session, I can not offer you that session and it will be considered a cancellation.

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