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Hello and thank you for coming to Prevail Counselling Therapy.

I hope that as you explore this website you will find helpful information for your current circumstances. If you wish to ask any questions about Prevail or to make an immediate booking please click below.

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Counselling, it’s your choice

Hello and thank you for coming to Prevail Counselling Therapy.

Deciding if counselling is the right decision for you is a difficult process. You have to assess your situation and your ability to cope with it. What effect will weekly counselling have on you?
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Counselling, relationship is the key

Hello and thank you for coming to Prevail Counselling Therapy.

They say counselling is based on the relationship between client and counsellor. Getting to know your counsellor and building trust with him or her is essential. You can start that process with Prevail by clicking below.

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Hello and welcome to Prevail Counselling Therapy.
This is a counselling service for Clondalkin, South West Dublin and Bray Co. Wicklow. Sessions can also be done by video or phone.
Prevail is managed by myself James Foley and I provide the counselling service of Prevail.

I come from a psychiatric nursing background originally.  As a psychiatric nurse I gained an extensive knowledge of mental ill health and drug addiction.

My focus in counselling work is for the client to lead the way as to what issues are dealt with in the counselling room. I believe the management of how we think about those issues is the path to the life we desire.

Considering counselling can in itself be a daunting process, at Prevail I do not take lightly your decision to approach a complete stranger to talk to about personal fears and hurts. Prevail values your story and holds it in complete confidence. I aim to work with you to restore your self resilience to live in your present circumstance.

What is Counselling Therapy?

Counselling is a professional therapeutic relationship. It is a private, safe space for people to seek help from a professional trained in psychological care. A counselling therapist helps you find your best way to resolve the negative circumstances you are in. A counsellor will help you find the tools for you to work with to improve your self awareness so you can resolve your own issues.

Ultimately counselling helps you  to know what you can hope for, build towards, and believe in for your future, the more complete you.

At Prevail I endeavour to walk that road with you.

What is Counselling?
Is Counselling for Me?

Many people struggle with the decision, “Do I need counselling? …. What will counselling do for me?”…..
Each person weighs up their need with the practical reality of how they believe counselling may effect them. Below are some considerations regarding the choice to have counselling:

  • We all benefit from having someone simply just listen to us. There are times when we need to offload the stress of everyday life to someone who can simply keep it to themselves.
  • What do you do during a time in your life when something has gone wrong? Counselling can help you come to terms with a sudden change in your circumstances.
  • You may be worn down by fatigue and low mood due to ongoing demands of your life. Meeting with a counsellor could help you  return to your usual ability to cope.
Deciding on Counselling
  • There are times you may want a professional counsellor to sit with you to help you to regain perspective. This is especially so when you have overly negative thoughts about a relationship or event in your life.
  • We all need counselling support at some time. To delay seeking support can make matters worse.
  • To put it simply if you think you need counselling therapy, you probably do.
This website aims to provide you with the information you need to decide if Prevail is the right choice for you.
The areas of information are:

* on myself James Foley, the owner of Prevail
* how you will experience the work of Prevail
* the costs of counselling at Prevail
* details on how to contact me and where I work

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Blog posts are a great way for me to share my thoughts with you on a wide variety of issues that we may touch on in a counselling session.

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