Nurture your Inner Child

Nurture your Inner Child

Ok you have seen the Star Wars picture and the caption of , “Nurture your Inner Child”. No doubt you are expecting me to go full force, (sorry), passed light speed, (really sorry), into my childhood Star Wars fandom.

You are right

..and you are wrong?

So I hope this opening crawl has intrigued you to read on for a hyperspace ride back to your childhood and see what you’ve been missing.
PS the puns lighten up now so you can stop threatening to strike me down with your lightsabre.

Where your heart lives

Do you remember what was your greatest excitement as a child?
Do you remember what you got up for ridiculously early on Christmas day?
Do you remember the fun you use to have as a child when you just played?
Do you remember letting your imagination take over and you entered into your magical space where time was forever … until your Mammy called you in for tea?

Have you forgotten how to be excited?
Have you forgotten how to do ridiculous things?
Have you forgotten how to just play?
Has your imagination gone dormant as now you are too busy making the tea?

Would you like to reclaim your lost ground?
Would you like to go back to where your heart was alive?

The Death Star of busy responsibility

I sense the smile on your face, that masks a sad sense of longing.
Yeah sure you’d love to be a child again and indulge childhood ways but come on:
There’s bins to be emptied.
Meals to be made.
People to see.
Laundry to be stored.
Places to go.
Stuff to get,
… and that’s after you have had a full days work, and before you go to bed early enough so you can start it all again tomorrow.

True, very true.
But is that it, is that all you have to say about your life?

Do. There is no try

So what do you choose? Is it as simple as just being a choice?
I believe underneath it all most of the ways we live our life is based on choices we make.

One of the counselling theories, Choice Theory, would say that one of our most basic needs in being human is to have fun. From a choice theory viewpoint having fun is non-negotiable.
As a little green puppet once said, “Do or do not. There is No Try”

So when was the last time you had fun?
When was the last time you laughed?
When was the last time you gave yourself the time to play a game?
When was the last time you pointed your index finger at someone and went, “Pew, Pew, Pew”, at them till they dropped dead. (If you don’t know what that means it proves the point.)

Don’t worry, you wont loose yourself to The Dark Side

Ok you maybe thinking if you start acting like a child occasionally you will have the guys in the white coats coming after you.
Maybe you are thinking it would just be stupid to think about playing games, reliving childish interests etc. To which I reply, “What are you afraid of?”.

Acting the maggot, as my Mammy use to say, doesn’t turn you into a maggot.

You will still have all the adulting daily routines to do. The work of living will still keep going.

But you know a little bit of silliness in the life of drudgery could go a long way.
Dare I say, we all need to, “Live Long and Prosper”


Firstly; my reference to, inner child, in the title does not mean this blog covers the psychological theory of inner child work. That is a much bigger and heavier piece of work.

Secondly; I know I am referring to childhood memories here as if they are all positive. We know that is not the case for any of us.
For some of you all you may remember of childhood is pain.
I regret if this has upset you in that way. Obviously that was not my intention.

It’s my blog and I’ll indulge if I want to

For those of you who are somehow unaware of what my childhood experience of Star Wars was like I thought I’d share a video from way back then.

So can I say it now?

“When I shoot you, you are suppose to fall down dead. You didn’t die. That’s cheating.
I’m not playing with you anymore”

Go on admit it you thought I was going to say something more forceful.

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