"The truly wise are never above asking questions, because they are wise."
Charles Spurgeon

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as a stupid question. Hopefully these FAQs answer any questions you may have about my services. If not, please feel free to send me an email.

Questions About Counselling

What situations do you work with?

A lot of my experience is with mood and thought disorders. I have done extensive work with drug addiction, suicide prevention and suicide bereavement. I also have had personal experience with cancer.

I have worked with non-medical diagnoses – areas such as relationship breakdown, personal loss of meaning, anger etc.

Who do you work with?

I work with adult individuals over the age of 18.

Do you provide reports?

I am happy to provide reports stating; my name and credentials, the date on which the sessions began, and how many sessions have been had. If you request any more information than that, I will seek professional advice.

How long and frequent are the sessions?

Each session is 60 minutes. They can be shorter.

It is best to attend weekly. If you need to space them out more that can be arranged. If you are in acute crisis, twice a week can be arranged. 

How long do I need counselling for?

There is no standard. Around 10 sessions is the usual time frame that counselling focuses on.

You are in charge of how long you come for counselling. You can stop at any time, for any reason. Just let me know you are stopping and we can bring the work to an end appropriately.

How does confidentiality work?

I keep notes of all sessions that do not have your name on them. I use a code. I use this code when getting professional support from my supervisor.

If we meet outside of the counselling room, I will greet you if you greet me. It is best not to engage with each other outside of the room.

What type of counselling do you do?

I am strongly influenced by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person Centered Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.

I believe counselling should be grounded in the client’s own experience and in real world counselling solutions.

The counselling approaches used are always reflective of the client’s needs and preferences.

What if I am uncomfortable and don't like talking?

Each session can be short and only involve one or two issues. 

You will not be forced to discuss issues that you are not comfortable to discuss..

Can I take medications while in counselling?


Medications for your mood or cognitive function may help you to engage further with counselling. They help you to see things clearer.

We may talk about your medications, why you’re on them, what they do for you, side effects, your hopes around them, etc. 

Your medication management will always remain an issue for you and your doctor. You should never stop or change a medication protocol without first discussing it with your doctor.

Is counselling therapy for men?

As a man I can say yes.

Men talk and share in a different way to women, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to do it just as women need to do it.

Questions About Prevail

Who provides counselling at Prevail?

James Foley is your counsellor at Prevail Counselling Therapy.

You can find out more about him in his bio on the About James page.

Where does Prevail offer counselling?

Prevail offers counselling in Clondalkin Dublin south west & Bray, Co. Wicklow.

You can find out more about our locations on our Contact page.

What happens in a Prevail counselling session?

You can find out more about Prevail counselling sessions on our Sessions page.

How much does Prevail counselling cost?

Monday to Friday, with sessions that start and finish between 9am to 5pm the cost is €65. For Sessions that are outside of these hours the cost is €80.

There are numerous ways to reduce the cost. Please see the Costs page for more information.

What is Prevail's cancellation policy?

Cancelation up to two days prior to the session incur no cancelation fee. Canceling the day before or on the day of the session do incur a cancelation fee.

It is best to stick to sessions as planned, so as to maintain continuity and focus on the sessions. For further information click onto the Cancellations page.

Do you provide telephone or video counselling?

Yes Prevail provides video and telephone counselling.

The same rates apply as with in person counselling.

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