Mission and Values

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”
Søren Kierkegaard


Prevail Counselling Therapy was established to provide therapeutic talking therapy to over 18’s so as to promote their emotional resilience.

Prevail aspires to be grounded in sound therapeutic principles and the clients’ lived experience at all times.

This mission statement is expressed through how Prevail values the client, the work, and the counsellor.


The Client

  • Each client is a uniquely created person, with inherent abilities to find a way to live in their difficult situations.
  • Each client comes to counselling in need of a safe space to tell their story. The manner and degree to which they share their story is in their hands and is not dictated by the counsellor.
  • Each client brings with them their own history and relationships. In Prevail, working with and respecting this is recognised as part of the counselling work.
  • Each client needs support in all areas of their life, how they think, what they feel and what they believe. Prevail believes such a holistic approach is key to counselling work.

The Work

  • I am bound by the code of practice for my accrediting organisations, The Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. https://iacp.ie/iacp-code-of-ethics 
  • In  Prevail, the client’s needs come first. The counsellors thoughts of right and wrong are subservient to the clients needs.
  • Putting client’s needs first also involves fairness around issues of fees, bookings etc. If the client requires help that is outside my sphere of competence I will refer them on.
  • The work of Prevail is primarily to promote resilience in the clients. Resilience to live their life as best as possible regardless of the problems they face.
  • The therapeutic approach of Prevail is  influenced  by  Aaran Beck’s Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Carol Rogers’ Person Centered Therapy and Sahzer and Berg’s Solution Focused Therapy.

The Counsellor

  • As the counselling therapist at Prevail, I am obliged to engage in ongoing training so as to keep myself professionally sharp, and to maintain my accreditation.
  • I support myself through regular supervision and through personal care.
  • Just as the client is deserving of my respect, so am I deserving of respect and personal space.

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