Cancellation Policy

"Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never loose sight of your goal"
Mario Andretti

Counselling usually may last between 6 to 13 sessions. Life can get in the way of being able to attend regularly. If you give me good prior notice we can reschedule or postpone the session at no cost to you. Though if this was happening regularly I would discuss this with you.

Sometimes a last minute issue can prevent you from attending. In such a situation I can not reschedule another client for that time slot. Therefore a late cancellation fee is required. Please see below for these details.

  • If you cancel the day of the session or do not turn up, you will be charged full price for that session.
  • If you cancel the day before the session you will be charged half your agreed rate.
  • Canceling on any other day incurs no charge and does not affect pre-paid bookings.
  • If you are using the pre-booked sessions discount you have used one of your sessions if you cancel the day before or on the day of the session.
  • If you cancel and give no reason why or indication as to wanting further sessions, I will contact you before the next session is due and ask you if you want to continue. A non reply will mean you loose your slot and it is offered to someone else.
  • Cancelling 2 sessions in a row, even with a reason, may also lead to loosing  further  sessions.
  • If you need to take a break or space out your sessions more than once a week that is ok and can be arranged. This should be discussed beforehand.

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