Category: Film Corner

A discussion of films from a counselling point of view.  Movies  can  be  a  safe place to discuss our own emotional turmoil.

Nurture your Inner Child

4th May 2024
Ok you have seen the Star Wars picture and the caption of , “Nurture your Inner Child”. No doubt you are expecting me to go full force, (sorry), passed light...

Indiana Jones and the Idol of Eternal Youth

8th July 2023
The fifth and definitely last Indiana Jones film with Harrison Ford is, The Dial of Destiny. There are numerous opinions on this film, good and bad. Some I agree with,...

When Humanity goes Ape

7th May 2021
Has humanity’s view of its self changed much in the last 50 years?Do we see ourselves more positively or negatively?Do we believe humanity has evolved in our ability to live...

Good Will Hunting

27th March 2020
It is only recently that I saw the 1997 film Good Will Hunting. For those of you who have not seen it, the film revolves around a young  Matt Damon...

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